The Earlier The Investment

The Greater

The Return


believe that by transforming the system of early learning in our community, we can create a more prosperous economy and a more educated workforce.

Preschools are the converging point of many of our society’s biggest challenges and greatest opportunities. They hold promise to stimulate intergenerational cycles of opportunity. But a fragile system before the pandemic, early learning is now on life support.


we can do more.

Barancik Foundation is researching Sarasota County’s system of early learning to understand how best to reinvigorate this vital sector. The value of the local research is crafting solutions with and for community partners and together defining needed most, where, when, and how. 

We are grateful for the guidance and support of our current key partners:

  • Community Foundation of Sarasota County
  • Preschool directors and teachers
  • Sarasota County Schools
  • United Way of the Suncoast
  • YMCA of Southwest Florida
Research Partners:
  • Kempton Research and Planning
  • University of Florida

areas of focus and opportunity.

Supporting Preschool Directors

Providing leadership development, mentorship, business training, and shared services.

Early Intervention

Providing behavioral health supports, developmental screenings, reducing ACEs, and creating parent engagement.

Building the Talent Pool

Creating recruitment and retention strategies and providing entry-level training and professional development.

Transforming the System

Providing analysis and advocacy, hosting sector partners forums, and bridging the gap between early learning centers and K-12 schools.


we're here for you.

Teaching preschoolers is every bit as complicated and important as teaching any of the K-12 grades, if not more so. But people still treat preschool teachers like babysitters. 

Children’s early experiences and relationships in the first five years of life are critical for development. There’s specialized knowledge that preschool teachers need that’s different even from what other teachers need. It’s an important role. 

We will focus on elevating the early learning profession and providing resources to preschool teachers to ensure they have the tools they need to succeed and feel valued. Stay tuned for more developments.

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